Audits of Internal Controls

We deliver internal controls audit in accordance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (J-SOX), Section 404 of the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and other laws and regulations as independent auditors. We will perform the audits of internal control and the audits of financial statements effectively as an integrated audit.

Key Service Areas

Internal controls audits

In accordance with:
  1. Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (J-SOX)
  2. Section 404 of the US SOX
  3. Other laws and regulations

Third-party assurance and other assurance services

  1. Internal controls audit of service organizations in accordance with JICPA Auditing
  2. Standards Committee Statement 18, U.S. Statement on Auditing Standards [SAS] 70 and other relevant standards
  3. Trust services (SysTrust, WebTrust)
  4. Agreed-Upon Procedures