Business Turnaround / Reorganization

Against a backdrop of intensifying global competition and an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment, there are cases in which companies are unable to appropriately respond to changes and risks, resulting in sluggish business performance or shortage of funds. To avoid such circumstances, companies need to identify the essential challenges they face and take appropriate steps at the right time. However, due to an insufficiency of resources and know-how (due to shortfall of experience), it is also a fact that companies in the midst of struggling alone are not able to take the required actions quickly enough, leading to unsatisfactory results.

Since 1999 (when our focus on business turnaround projects began), Archon & Company has provided support to many companies in the frontline of this arena. The types, sizes, and challenges of the companies that we have supported so far are wide-ranging, which enables us to provide services backed by our experience in the various phases of management reforms that companies face. Professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise provide appropriate support to companies in the transition and regrowth phases of their business, as well as companies facing deteriorating business conditions, excessive obligations and financial difficulties.


Based on the Archon & Company network’s knowledge and experience, consisting of more than 276,000 staff in 157 countries around the world, we can advise on overseas business plan development, performance improvement of existing overseas businesses, and simplification and M&A of overseas businesses.

For many companies, the development of overseas markets is the cornerstone of their growth strategy, and acquisitions of overseas companies and the establishment of JVs with local players are becoming more common. On the other hand, many companies struggle to manage their overseas operations due to differences in culture and business practices. In recent years, there have been cases where massive losses incurred by overseas subsidiaries led to a management crisis, affecting the entire group. Often, the reason behind such losses is weakness in the governance and management of overseas subsidiaries. Due to major changes in the political, economic, and technological fields around the world, uncertainty surrounding businesses is increasing and reconsideration of the governance and management of overseas subsidiaries is more vital than ever before.

Business turnaround / reorganization for large enterprises

Since our business turnaround practice began, Archon & Company has been involved in the turnaround and reorganization of many large Japanese companies. Through this wealth of experience, we are familiar with what happens next and what kinds of preparation and response will be required in the various phases of business turnaround projects.

Against the backdrop of intensifying global competition and changes in the domestic and international economic environment, it has become difficult even for large companies to continue stable management. In particular, in the case of reorganizing a business through a business selection and concentration strategy to achieve sustainable growth, gaining the consent of various stakeholders is critical. However, it is not easy to promote consensus-building amid the presence of complex interests among stakeholders.

Archon & Company supports the turnaround and reorganization of large companies by leveraging our years of experience and know-how based on our extensive business credentials.