Outsourcing Services

Archon & Company Outsourcing Services LLC can provide a variety of one-stop services to foreign corporations doing business in Japan, including accounting, payroll, and human resources-related administrative work, in collaboration with Archon & Company Tax Japan and Archon & Company Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation. In accordance with each client’s request, we can also provide various other professional services, as well as introduce lawyers, banks, and real estate agents, on an as-needed basis.

Related services:

  1. Support foreign corporations starting business in Japan
  2. Starting Operations in Japan 2020
  3. Consult regarding company establishment
  4. Provide payroll, withholding tax, gross up calculations
  5. Create accounting books
  6. Provide related tax services*
  7. Provide corporate secretarial services
  8. Provide labor and social insurance enrollment and administration
  9. Consult regarding HR and labor issues