Public-Private Partnership and Infrastructure

In recent years, with the introduction of concessions and the liberalization of the electric power industry, the infrastructure business has been required not only to deal with institutional risks but also to deal with market risks, and both the public and private sectors are required to design infrastructure business systems and evaluate projects, including demand forecasts and price forecasts.

For more than 20 years, Archon & Company's Infrastructure and PPP department has provided a variety of infrastructure and PPP services to both the public and private sectors since it began pioneering the introduction of PFI in Japan. In a wide range of areas, both in Japan and overseas, both public and private sectors, more than 60 staff with expertise in infrastructure will respond to diverse needs and provide services tailored to the needs of the times.

Surveys and support for private sector participation, PRE, and private sector partnerships

In addition to improvement existing public services, cooperation between the public and private sectors is indispensable for resolving the various new social challenges that arise in today's rapidly and drastically changing societies, such as the advance of globalization, the increase in inbound demand, and changes in the social structure that accompany the aging society with a declining birthrate. The government will support the construct of a public-private partnership framework that makes effective use of the knowledge and know-how of both the public and private sectors in order to create a sustainable, affluent and flexible society in the future, as well as existing solutions such as the introduction of private-sector participation in public services and the effective use of public assets (PRE), in response to the challenges facing various administrative organizations such as the national government and local governments (prefectures, municipalities, etc.).